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Virgin Atlantic To Launch In-Flight Cell Phone Service

While I’m sure this is a “convenience” to some, it’s also a huge intrusion on one of the last bastions of phone-free time.

Apple Said To Debut iCloud’s New Photo Sharing Features At WWDC

If this happens, I wonder if something like IFTTT can cross-post and backup photos.

Or is this just another social photo service like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, 500px and SmugMug?

How much you want to bet if it happens Apple will offer to sell you prints and other photo products.



GM Pulling Out Of FB

So GM is pulling their ads from Facebook. The WSJ says the ads are ineffectual, but that pages are a good thing.

Mashable now has a pretty Infographic showing FB vs. Google.

SaneBox Adds Smarter Reminders, Lets You Snooze Emails, Sync Reminders To Calendars

SaneBox is totally awesome and saves me hours of time a week. The Smarter Reminders feature is yet another way to increase your emIl productivity.

Try it free for 14 days, and save $5 if you sign up.



CodeTwo Sync For iCloud Syncs iCloud Data with Outlook [Outlook]

Interesting. I guess I’m so heavily invested in the Google sync ecosystem I never give the syncing part of iCloud much thought.



When PhotoStream stops updating on Mac

My PhotoStream photos stopped automatically appearing on my Mac. I have a Folder Action setup to automatically copy them to a Dropbox folder (detailed step-by-step coming soon). Ergo, no new photos in Dropbox folder. Bunmer.

The solution? Go into the iCloud Preference Pane. Disable PhotoStream. Acknowledge the warning. Re-enable PhotoStream. Watch the photos trickle in to Dropbox.



Google-Oracle Jury Reaches Impasse on Key Issue; Google Did Infringe Some Oracle Copyrights -

(via Instapaper)

Google Can Prioritize Its Products in Search, Says Legal Expert

Good article, valid, but we felt violated by Google’s (impled) promises to give us the most appropriate results. After adoring the company could do no wrong, for free, we felt violated.

Business travelers spent 4% less on meals last year -

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How to Survive the 10 Grueling Levels of Office Hell [Lifehacker Top 10]

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